The Pre Draft Combine Adds Womens And Girls Events

by Joe Kolodziej

The Pre Draft Combine, a staple event in North American and Europe, will now include women's and girl's events for the first time in over two decades. This move represents a significant step forward for gender equality in the sport, as well as a recognition of the growing talent pool of female hockey players. The event, which typically features top prospects showcasing their skills in front of scouts and coaches, will now provide opportunities for girls and women to do the same.

Women's hockey has long been identified as an overlooked and underserved group of athletes in the ice hockey world, with significant disparities in resources and support compared to their male counterparts.

To provide a platform for talented players, the Pre Draft Combine will conduct events in Detroit Michigan and Europe where professional and university level scouts can review the players on and off the ice. This will create an environment that will help propel the athletes for future opportunities.

Coaches and scouts from NCAA and professional women's hockey teams will be working directly with athletes during the upcoming Pre Draft Combine events in the coming months. This announcement marks a significant development for those working tirelessly to build the most well-rounded and skilled teams possible. The Combine enables coaches to get a better look at each player and identify their strengths and weaknesses. It offers athletes a platform to showcase their abilities and establish a name for themselves in the community. The inclusion of coaches and scouts highlights the importance of building relationships and networks in the sports industry.

Registration for the 2024 Pre Draft Combine events is now open. The first women's event is planned for June 7-9 in Detroit, while the European event will be held in Stockholm from July 12-14. Participants can choose whether to register for one or both events. Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your skills and get noticed!