Registration Now Open

by Joe Kolodziej

All Pre Draft Combine events are now open for registration.

The Pre Draft Combine, the first and original event founded in 2002 has now opened registration for its events in North America and Europe.

This year, for the first time the Pre Draft Combine is pleased to announce the addition of two girls events. The first event will take place in Detroit, and the second in Prague Czech Republic.

Junior events will return to Denver and Detroit, along with a new addition in Ft. Myers Florida.

A Pro event for males will also take place in Detroit for those players looking to play the 2024-2025 season in Europe. This event is open to players 18 an up. Fetured in the Pro Combine will be the attendance of more than a dozen professional European scouts and coaches who will sign players to contracts immediately during the event.

Since 2002, the Pre-Draft Combine has been bringing together players, parents, coaches, and scouts in an environment designed to foster development, promotion, and education about reaching their unique next-level goals. No two players are alike, nor will they achieve the same level of play. However, all players and families deserve access to accurate information impacting their trajectories.

Participation in the Pre-Draft Combine signifies a commitment to compete in a high-level environment with access to key decision-makers and the opportunity to receive direct feedback and candid information about individual trajectories.

Top-tier players have access to the best training, nutrition, political insights, and information on game changes affecting their futures. The Pre-Draft Combine provides this elite environment. From the NHL to AAA levels, the Pre-Draft Combine surpasses other events in its offerings. As the original program, it has generated countless success stories that cannot be replicated by imitators.

The Pre-Draft Combines, conducted by experienced and professional staff, are meticulously crafted to offer education, exposure, and experience for aspiring players seeking to advance their hockey development at the junior and college levels.

  • EDUCATION — Players participate in seminars discussing the junior hockey experience at all levels. These sessions educate players about various leagues, providing a reliable and balanced information resource for individual decisions. Both players and parents gain valuable insights into key aspects of their hockey future, such as NCAA compliance, eligibility, recruiting processes, and the diverse paths to college hockey.
  • EXPOSURE — Players compete in front of scouts and coaches from various leagues at the Pre Draft Combines. These events provide a unique environment, allowing NCAA, USHL, NAHL, NCDC, Canadian Junior A, and other legitimate leagues to scout players collectively. Unlike other league events that withhold information from non-affiliated leagues, the Pre Draft Combines offer more exposure, encompassing more levels and programs. Recognized for their accuracy in evaluating players’ readiness within their peer group, the Pre Draft Combines serve as a reliable predictor of players’ preparedness for the next step while also providing valuable feedback.
  • EXPERIENCE — Players from all over North America and Europe will participate in a minimum of five games against other junior and NCAA hockey prospects. Teams will be coached by staff members from various levels of NCAA, Junior, and AAA hockey, ensuring maximum interaction with decision-makers. Since 2002, this approach has delivered a professional and memorable experience to thousands of players.